Fall in love with movement. Trust the process. Enjoy the journey.

Welcome to The Fitness Movement

Our mission is to help people fall in love with movement. Movement is the foundation of longevity and quality of life. We try to take the focus off the scale and mirror and encourage intrinsic motivation like strength, mobility, agility and endurance. When you focus on how movement makes you feel, the other results you are seeking will naturally come.

Our classes are for absolutely everyone, no matter your age or fitness level. Instructors coach options for all and our goal is to make everyone feel successful with each workout. Feeling successful is what makes you want to come back again and again. Consistency is what creates results. Results keep you motivated. Being motivated keeps you moving. Mission accomplished!

Trisha Justice

Meet Trisha Justice

Quickly after she began her journey to lose weight, she started feeling strong. She started to realize that she had more energy, endurance and stamina and losing weight was no longer her sole reason for staying consistent and making her fitness routine a lifestyle. Once she shifted her focus to how she felt vs how she looked, the weight loss and “toning” goals naturally happened. The difference is that for the first time in her life, she didn’t give up because she didn’t get the aesthetic changes overnight. She finally learned that it is a process and she had to trust the process.

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Six months into her journey she walked into her first Les Mills BODYPUMP class. It was love at first lift. She called her husband immediately after class with so much excitement. She told him that it was the hardest thing she had ever done but she wanted to do it over and over. It made her feel strong, accomplished and successful. She explained it to him as “dancing with a barbell”. Trisha loves music and soon learned that Les Mills had a variety of formats that are all driven by powerful music and a coaching model that allows every person to work at their own level. This was so important as she was still “new” to the fitness arena.

Six months after her first BODYPUMP class she decided that she wanted to share this format with others in hopes that they would fall in love with how it made them feel too. BODYPUMP was her first format, but within 2 years, she was certified in 5 additional Les Mills formats. She has been teaching classes all over Columbus and surrounding areas since 2016 and has also spent the last 2 years as the General Manager of a full service gym.

Trisha absolutely loves the group fitness space and is dedicated to every person that walks through the door. She never dreamed that she would be leading people to become a better version of themselves, but now knows that it is her calling.

Her motto is: Fall in love with movement. Trust the process. Enjoy the journey.









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Feedback From Our Members

“Trisha’s classes are always amazing! She works you hard but makes sure you are doing it safely by showing you the correct form. She keeps the classes fresh by changing up the routines. I’ve seen noticeable results in the last few weeks. I always come back for more!”
— Laurel
“What a great class! Focus on light weight with correct form, time under tension, slow and fast movements and active recovery. Great instructor! Great programming! Would recommend for any and all fitness levels!”
— Derek
“I’m new to BODYPUMP and had a rough couple months physically so I was scared to come to class. Trisha did a great job making everyone feel welcome and explained what the class would be like before it started. I really appreciated her motivation. She also suggested modifications for beginners. I highly recommend her classes.”
— Michele

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